Saturday, 14 April 2007

Untitled #11

I've found it! See Untitled #5 ...

Untitled #10

Stumbling across this, I just had to post it. The idea and implications of a baby being uncontrollable in body and space, without the dependancy on adults to position it, move it, keep it safe from harm .... or indeed, falling from a great height!

With the use of text on a 'sign', it's clear in this case that it is a requirement as to the inherent implications. The image alone represents something quite absurd.

Untitled #9

"Think about your body, the angle of each limb, which parts of you are making contact with other surfaces and which ones are surrounded by air. What are the distances between your left arm and the nearest objects above it, below it, to its sides? Your right arm and those objects around it? Your legs? Your trunk? Your head? The truth is, getting at the real where of where we are at any given time is a staggeringly complex affair. Surface area, distance, spatial density, volume - all factors to be taken into account, and taken into account separately for each distinct segment of the body, setting up thousands upon thousands of spatial relationships to consider. And with each minute shift of the body - the curling of a pinkie finger, for example - comes a shift in dozens if not hundreds of those relationships. No wonder, then, that we typically restrict our thinking about space and our place in it to only the loosest terms. Pondering that fully would crowd out all other thoughts; it would consume us..."

'Lost in Space' by Robert Faires